Live a Healthy and Conscious Life

We all want to be healthy, right? But what does healthy mean? If you look it up, you will probably find something as feeling good physically or mentally. Yes, mentally. It isn't all about the diet and exercise but, also about your mental health. So, four words, wake up and live!
In today's world, it is easy to let yourself become distracted from what really matters. Don't you ever feel lost sometimes? Some days, you come home, and you wonder how you got there without a defined purpose and knowledge of where you would like to be tomorrow. It is a personal responsibility to live life to the fullest. Living consciously is about taking control of your life and thinking about your decisions to live entirely in the present moment.
Listen to yourself and live the life that you want, rather than settling for the one that befalls you.
Ask yourself what you really want. You have an opinion. What is important to you? It's essential that you regularly give these things some thought.
Do what makes you happy. Spend more quality time. Do activities that you enjoy. Don't like this workout? It's okay, there are so many other things to choose from.
Accept yourself and others. What are your flaws? Everybody has their own rhythm in life, and we must accept that of ourselves and others.
Vibrate love from within. Showing compassion to yourself and to others will release negativity.
Reflect on your relationships. The people we love is the most important thing. Do you spend enough time with them? How do you interact with people? How do you treat them?
Think about your impact on the world. Being conscious of your decisions also impacts others. It is good to reflect on how you affect them. How does how you live change the environment? Your community? The people with little to no power? The animals?
Be curious. Don’t be afraid of feeling uncomfortable. Fear grows courage in you. You don’t do something because you’re scared? What about if you miss an opportunity that will make you feel incredible by doing it?
And, please, treasure every moment and breathe.

Salomé G

Blog writer and foreign languages teacher

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