What is so good about sports?


Working out makes you happier and healthier. It is a favorite for many people all around the world: basketball, football, swimming, running, or dancing. They are so many to choose from! Playing sports is a joy. It helps in achieving goals by motivating you and building your self-esteem. It brings respect and discipline. Not only, it also improves your health: heart, diabetes, cholesterol, stress, hypertension, muscles, obesity… All these impacts on your physical and on your well-being.
Physical benefits
  • Healthy weight: We often think of losing weight when we practice sports. Indeed, we do lose calories and build muscles by cycling or running, or many other activities. It is good to stay within a recommended weight range, so you can prevent from developing hypertension or cholesterol.
  • Healthy heart: It helps regulate your blood circulation. Indeed, playing sports help your heart pumping more blood, which lowers the cardiac rhythm and strengthens it. So, by practicing a regular activity, you would feel less tired and less out of breath.
  • Healthy muscles: It helps to improve your strength, your muscle volume, and your endurance, which is essential to prevent any injuries. It is a long-term health benefit.
  • Healthy bones: Your body cells will speed up your bone mass construction from being stimulated by activities. It will strengthen your bones and will protect from certain diseases.
  • Healthy joints: Low impact cardio or stretching, for examples, are excellent activities for healthy joints. By strengthening the muscles around the joints, you can improve them to prevent arthrosis problems or pains. Also, a proper diet helps your joints.
  • Healthy breathing: Through cardio activities, as swimming, you can improve your lung capacity. Indeed, you can prevent asthma or other respiratory diseases by exercising. A better breathing gives more oxygen for your muscles.
  • Healthy digestion: Regular exercises help to improve your digestion and your intestinal transit.
Mental benefits
  • Feeling good: We all know about that good feeling after an intense workout. This sensation of goodness is due to hormones as endorphins. These hormones trigger your brain, so you feel more relaxed.
  • More patience: Regularly exercising gives us objectives to reach which needs patience and hard work. It also boosts your self-esteem. All of this are essential qualities in life that people lack to apply daily.
  • Better concentration: Oxygen circulates better in your organism by exercising. It optimizes your brain activity and so, you can think better. Not only, by doing different sports, you can learn from good judgment.
  • Less stress: If you feel more relaxed and happier by working out, it also takes negative thoughts of your head. It can keep problems away from a certain time and a better overall thinking of them.
  • Sleeping beauty: Sleeping is great! And what better than a good quality of sleep to be full of energies the next day? Working out will evacuate tensions and stress, and helps you fall asleep faster.
Three rules: warm-up, work out and stretch. It is important to ask a doctor what your limits are and to know yourself. By following those rules, you can prevent some unnecessary injuries.

Salomé G

Blog writer and foreign languages teacher

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