Drink Hydrogen Rich Water – The Best Antioxidant Of All

Did you know that you can look much younger and live a longer and healthier life, just by drinking the right type of water? 

And did you know that water can be a powerful anti-oxidant too?

No matter what people try to tell you, not all water is the same. And I’m not talking about drinkable (potable) water versus dead, stagnant water.

There is a lot more to be said about water than just the benefits of proper hydration. Of course, hydration is the immediate effect of drinking water, but the type of water you drink can make a massive difference to your health and overall energy levels. It goes way beyond just rehydrating.

This has been proven over and over again, be it in agriculture, animal production or even by top athletes around the world to boost performance levels.

Bottled water and tap water will not immediately harm your health, but they won’t do you any good either in the long term. They will never be able to give you the actual benefits of healthy natural spring water. The problem there is no better mass scale solution to provide potable water to the general population.

But both bottled water and tap water are really, really bad for you. Both are considered to be comparable regarding safety. But, safety means they guarantee protection against immediate disease caused by bacteria, protozoa, toxic chemicals, contaminants, and other harmful agents.

Water then has to travel through miles of pipes of different materials, and it travels miles in distributions vans inside a petrochemical plastic vessel. It is no news to anyone the long-term toxic effects of residual metals and plastics in your body.

And how do they guarantee “safety”? The irony is they do this by adding lots of chemicals like:

-   Chlorine,
-   Chloramine
-   Chlorine dioxide
-   Fluorosilicic acid
-   Trihalomethanes
-   Arsenic
-   Radium
-   Aluminum sulfate
-   Sodium silicofluoride
-   Copper,
-   Nickle
-   Cyanide
-   Lead
-   Mercury
-    Cadmium
-   Barium
-   Hormones
-   Nitrates
-   Pesticides
-   Ethylbenzene
-   Monochlorobenzene
-   Styrene
-   Toluene
-   Xylenes
-   Haloacetic acids
-   And more…


Some may argue that some of these compounds are natural and needed in water. That is partly true. It is dangerous to drink de-ionized/reverse osmosis water precisely because some minerals are needed for electrolytic purposes. Minerals like chloride (not chlorine!), sodium, calcium, iron, potassium, and others are essential. But the type and quantity of these minerals are essential. What we are getting are by-products of recycled industrial water, not the real thing. Not to mention all the other nasty stuff that gets deposited inside your cells.


Hydrogen-rich water is the biggest thing in the wellness industry right now. Why? Because people feel immediate results. It is also huge in the biohacking and nootropic communities. Many compare it to drinking an energy drink. 

Benefits include:

-   Prevention against brain damage
-   Improve mood disorders
-   Suppress inflammation
-   Reduces muscle fatigue, motor deficits and muscle degeneration
-   Prevents metabolic syndromes
-    Help with weight loss
-   Enhanced mitochondrial function
-   Help treat diabetes
-   Help treat metabolic acidosis
-   May prevent cancer
-   Reduces side effects of cancer treatments
-   Boost skin health
-   Enhanced wound healing
-   Improves bladder dysfunctions
-   Cardioprotective
-   Prevents hearing loss
-   Combats allergies
-   Boosts gut health
-   Lung protector
-   Radioprotective
-   Relieves pain
-   Antibacterial
-   Marked improved oral health

There are no known side-effects from drinking hydrogen-rich water.

It has even received lots of praise from top chefs that guarantee that cooking with hydrogen-rich water improved the taste of their dishes.

Hydrogen water is fantastic as an anti-inflammatory, reduces pain, and boost muscle recovery. So if you do any kind of sports or fitness, you owe it to yourself to try it.

Hydrogen is the most powerful anti-oxidant agent known to man. It will slow down your aging. Think about it, we are 60% made of H20. The brain and heart are around 73%. Our lungs are 80% water.

If you believe you are what you eat, then what do you feel about what you drink?



James M.

Producer, Author & Neuroscientist

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