You Don't Have To Be A Vegan! Just Take Action!

Being a vegan is awesome because Human carnivores are destroying our planet. 
I could never become full-on vegan though. Cross my heart, I tried... There is something about this ectomorphic physiology I possess that inhibits me from cutting that final line... I simply can't resist "temptation" - or is this just another psychological barrier? 1 pound of farmed meat consumes more water than 6 months of you taking regular showers!! 

Even still, we have canine teeth for a reason, as well as meat digesting enzymes and micro-flora. But that doesn't mean we are primarily supposed to eat animal meat. Just taking it down a notch does wonders! 

 The simple truth is, as a species we are consuming far, way and above, what we really need to be in top shape. I certainly do best when sticking to a strict ketogenic diet, fully comprised of ungodly amounts of healthy fats and truck-loads of proteins... and hitting the gym like a robot! Sure, this is the state-of-the-art regime in terms of pure nutritional science and peak physiological performance for both fat loss and muscle building - but hold on there, so is sending a Telsa to Mars. Baby steps first... 

 Just starting with experimenting with crazy new stuff is just great! Without getting into too much sciency stuff right now, mind and body really are connected in a two-way street. One feeds off the other. So by simply changing your mindset and feeding your body slightly different thing at a time - big changes will happen! 

 When you start reducing your palette of options, you necessarily must increase in vertical quantities of what's left. I will tell you first hand, a serious and strict ketogenic diet is absolutely fabulous - the only push-back is a compatible routined lifestyle and discipline - but again - not a primary concern for a healthier living at all. 

 Contrary to (still) popular belief, our primary source of proteins does not need to be animal meat. It is relatively simple to re-balance one's diet to a much healthier state by simple additions and substitutions to what you put on your plate. And you know what? When you start getting the hang of it, soon you'll realize how much better you feel, and you naturally start zoning into more exotic dishes and recipes that seem strangely more enjoyable than ever imagined. 

 Once you tweak your diet in a positive way and start working out accordingly - even without any strict dietary plan or crazy ketogenic fastings - your body will start telling YOU what it prefers to get. You sugar craving will go down, and your resistance levels to temptation seriously increase. You will have lots more energy during the day, feel less tired in the evening, and sleep much better too. 

Just this little life hack into your lifestyle can produce very significant changes. Eat less carb. Eat less animal meat. Eat lots more nuts, veggies, and mono-saturated fats. Leave behind trans-fats, processed foods in packages and start going to the local farmer's market. Introduce a few veggie recipes each week, surely there will be one that will conquer your heart. From there on, it's simple. Depending on who you are and what your goals are, just set a new target objective and just aim for it. And conquer it. 

One battle at a time! We'll be here to have your back and constantly keep you updated with science-backed data and information, tips and ideas for your pursuit of a healthier lifestyle!


James M.

Producer, Author & Neuroscientist

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